Spezial Training


Herbal path (9 to 99 years!)

Requires the knowledge of herbs and/or edible in our existing properties and the surrounding area.

The course consists in some stages: going outside, recognition of herbs and their names, their different uses, both for the health and for taste.

Because in our area and around there are many species from which we can obtain the well known Bach’s Flowers Essence, you’ll reach the ability to know and appreciate the great possibilities that it offers with flower essence therapy, following the advice of our “Spezial”.

For those who wish to advancing knowledge of the alternative medicines that Nature has to offer in terms of: Herbalists, Bach Flower Therapy, color therapy, reflexology and more, there’s the possibility to combine a holiday in a special place as Maso Spezial and the knowledge of methodologies useful to the welfare of our bodies and our spirits.

Since this requires a serious and careful planning, reservation is required. We also accept any groups of scholars, friends and/or associations, clubs, curious, interested in these issues (min.6 persons, max 16 persons persisted in the farm).

Depending on the length of the course request will be offered insights from the different topics.


The farm

Our company offers various possibilities to make the courses, is targeted from younger to older, because we know that the thirst for knowledge doesn’t stop by with age.

The farm provides a maximum cost of 10Euro per person.

In case of requests for meetings with knowledge of stay in a farm guesthouse, prices are negotiated directly with the owners according to the length of your vacancy.


Wine and its secrets (9-12 years)

In the continuous cycle of nature, who takes the bread from their work in the fields it knows secrets and mysteries: the training provides the knowledge of rudiments in viticulture, soil preparation, rootstock, clone, various types of cultivation, the spring pruning, tying, suckering and spollonatura and the different phenological stages of the grapes, to harvesting, crushing and fermentation to produce a result, wine or grape juice.

The project includes testing practices of pruning and subsequent ligation with the ancient technique of wicker (”stroppa”) that even children can learn during the period February-March-April, while in autumn (September-October) there will be harvesting, crushing with the feet and the transformation of must in wine.


The land of Rio Daiano (high school and adults)

We’ll discover how Nature speaks to us, listen to the valley and its spirits, air, water, shadow, earth, light, animals and how the poetry, the phrase, the fairy tale, the story, the novel, grow inside us….. with the help and suggestions of Bruno Coveli poetry expert, journalist, historian and writer, among other winner of a prestigious award: the Prize ‘G. Ungaretti ‘in Rome.

Armed with pen, pencil and paper we can give shape to our feelings, our imagination, to live a different and important time with our minds and spirits.



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