Breakfast room

The Agritur Maso Spezial has a spacious breakfast room with two large windows overlooking the valley and the beautiful “Court of energy” which, in addition to feed energy, gives those who want the chance to taste delicious summer outdoor dining.

The decor is rustic Trentino clear wood and the splendid furniture of a pharmacy of the eighteenth century makes the environment charming, a small library for guests with historical books on our Trentino, tourism and herbal medicine, staying within an enclosure from an old window. An old table and a “measure” (once used to measure the amount of flour) receive a dedicated space for children, with various games and books available.

In winter, the pleasure of your back heating up on the ”ole” stove in the middle of the room, reading a good book or chatting, sitting on the benches made of walnut as many years ago, only with wooden pegs, will make warm and good even the coldest day.

Most of the chairs are old and restored, and come from a castle in Valsugana, our tables are entirely constructed with interlocking wood nails, with our axes in lime and cherry.

Each item carries a special story that we hope will become yours as well.

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